Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three Weeks and Fail

Back in the last week of April I got a phone call from a college acquaintance of mine. He said he had a job for me. I, being starved for a career change, jumped on it. I interviewed for the position of a community liaison at a nursing home. I was hired a few days later and began work that next week. I had no training, it was one of those jobs where the boss hands you a blue three-ring binder and an empty flash drive and says go to work. I had no office, no computer, no work phone, nothing. Three weeks later my boss calls me into his office and lays me off. It turns out the day I interviewed they found out my position was being eliminated. No one thought to tell me, however.

I had already resigned from my last job. I called them to ask for my old job back, but some high school kid had already replaced me. It was comforting to know my job was so important it could have been done by someone 9 years younger than me, and that it only took them two weeks to find a replacement.

So since then I have been spending time between my parent's house...sulking, my apartment...sulking, and the Iowa Workforce Development office...pretending not to sulk. The first time I walked into the IWD office there was a well-dressed gentleman sitting at the edge of a table, clearly he had lost his job earlier that day and came right from the office that fired him. He probably should have gone home to gather his thoughts before because he just sat there in a daze. I noticed that in order to be seen by an advisor you needed to take a number and sit down. I, being the nice prince I am, noticed the man had no number.

I asked the man if he was waiting and needed a number. The man replied, "I've been here all god damn day and no one has helped me, now shut the hell up." I took a number and sat down. A few minutes later a lady calls my name and I look back to the nicely dressed man. He looks confused and says to me, "Guess I should have taken a number then, eh." I thought about giving him mine since he had been waiting. I didn't and thought to myself, "should have read the directions on the front door dip shit." I sit down and spend some time asking questions about my resume, applying for jobs, and unemployment. The lady was nice, but kind of manish. As I'm leaving the office I see the same well-dressed man is sitting with some hot younger blonde advisor, a solid 8 at least. She does that standing move where her cleavage somehow is the first thing to hit the full height of her body before any other part, and she goes to make copies. As I walk by the man says to me, "Those tits were worth the damn wait." I should have let the man go instead of me. Fucking karma.

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